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Welcome to Shaker Square Beverages

Welcome to Ohio's oldest wine merchant, Shaker Square Beverages. Our website will give you an introduction to our stores... each unique, each offering a wide selection of wines, gift items and beverages.

Thank you for making Shaker Square Beverages Cleveland's Premier Wine Merchant... since 1937.

Latest News
March 1, 2015


On Monday March 16th at 7 pm we will feature our annual Bench Mark wine event.

We will taste 6 red world class wines which will answer the question “What does a really magnificent Cabernet Sauvignon , or Pinot Noir, or French Bordeaux taste like?"

These are not $20 wines, conveniently  priced and easily forgotten.

These will be the wines you will compare to for many years to come.  They will become your BENCHMARK for quality.

So when you host hands you a glass of "something red" which was on "special" at the grocery store
YOU, oh discerning one , will know that it is a left bank obscure red from someone's garage, retailing around $15.00.  YOU will smile and ask to be directed to the wine cellar where YOU will pick out a St. Emilion or Pauillac because YOU know how a magnificent Bordeaux should taste.
(YOU probably won't be invited back again...but consider that a plus)

We will be enjoying:

Stag’s Leap Cabernet
Chateau Simard St Emilion
Chateau Petit Mouton Rothschild
Haverford Pinot Noir
Louis Latour Pommard
Il Poggione Brunello di Montalcino  

     Surprise wine
Thirty Five dollars per person   Couples  $60.00

You will not have an opportunity to experience these world class wines at one time       

Our tasting can only accommodate 24 people.  Your paid reservation is your entree to the event.

Call me at 216 283 6300  or email at

March Connoisseur Club
March 1, 2015

March alerts us that we have not succumbed to the melancholia of winter.  We are still here. We have survived most of the winter with our taste buds intact.   We deserve , we richly deserve a treat just for the fact of making it through the minus 15 degrees which is Cleveland.  Browns didin't make it...the Indians did not make it  but we did !

So to treat ourselves and reaffirm that there is something worth living for...may I offer this month's edition of the Conoisseur Club , CAIN FIVE, one of the most sought after Napa Valley Cabernet.

Eight 6 packs were released to the state of Ohio...we bought 6  six packs of them.
There is a back story to Cain Five...I met the wine maker's wife several years ago as she was the marketing arm of the company. She was promoting the wine with our distributor and I asked how was the wine rated?  She immediately said...we don't submit our wines for ratings....I would rather have people in the business, in the restaurants, ask to purchase the wines rather than a panel who are tasting ATHOUSAND wines and passing judgment.   I was hooked.    

This is an extraordinary wine to be cellared and enjoyed WHEN the Browns wine the Super bowl, right after the INDIANS clinch the World Series. Drink it during the final championship game with CAVS up 4 games to nill.   The wine will taste even better .

May 29, 2014

This month was a once in a lifetime opportunity to obtain and offer FOUR different vintages of the highly acclaimed Vieux Telegraph red chateau neuf du pape.

At the GOLD LEVEL we will be sending out one bottle of either a 2008, 2009, 2010, or 2011.
These are all rated in the 90's by the Wine Spectator or Robert Parker's Wine Advocate,
Along with the Vieux Telegraph, the Gold Members will receive a bottle of the younger vine Vieux Telegram, also highly acclaimed.

At the SILVER LEVEL you will receive one bottle of the Vieux Telegraph and at the BRONZE LEVEL
you will received the Vieux Telegram, a young Chateau Neuf du Pape which is drinking well now.

I expect to be doing a in store tasting of these wines in the next two months, so stay tuned.
DON'T drink your selection until you come to the tasting and enjoy the wines.

Wine of the Day

The 2010 Cain Five is dense and concentrated without being heavy. It is probably the most tightly wound Cain Five since the 1994. The key point is that even though it will easily last another twenty years, you can drink it today. If you do, it’s best if you decant the wine into a carafe to give it some air and let it breathe and relax. Everything is in place; it could only come from the Cain Vineyard, with its perfume and satin-smooth mouth-feel. You’re sure to recognize the unmistakable signature of flowers, berries, herbs, tar—all layered on a lovely earthy background. This is an exotic wine, quite unlike the big sweet Napa Cabs we all know. The wines that intrigue us begin in the vineyard, and this is a key to the originality of each wine, but it doesn’t end there. The 2010 Cain Five reminds me of one of my favorite themes: wine is the result of fermentation. We begin in the Cain Vineyard, which grows grapes like no other. The wine is revealed in the cellar—slowly, step by step. Yes, here is the essence of fruit, and yet, it goes far beyond. Wine—at least the wines we’re interested in—transcend their origins in the fruit. There is so much more complexity here than simply fruit. And yet, it is not the “product” of our winemaking either. Magic has occurred. We don’t know who, how or why, but we know that it has, and we know enough to let it happen. Harvest and Varietal Information Vintage Blend: Cabernet Sauvignon 58%   Merlot 17%Cabernet Franc 15%   Petit Verdot 5%    Malbec 5% Appellation:100% Cain Vineyard, Spring Mountain District, Napa Valley Release date:January 1, 2015

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