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Welcome to Shaker Square Beverages

Welcome to Ohio's oldest wine merchant, Shaker Square Beverages. Our website will give you an introduction to our stores... each unique, each offering a wide selection of wines, gift items and beverages.

Thank you for making Shaker Square Beverages Cleveland's Premier Wine Merchant... since 1937.

Latest News
September 24, 2014

 Perhaps this is our last grasp at a long summer.  I hope so.
We need a special October, far away from the pumpkin and gingerbread stuff which is put in beers and liquors these days.

Something that sings of spring and summer.

What better way than to sample the highly regarded wines of Catena..the premier wines of Argentina.

They make several award winning wines.  For October's Connoisseur Club I chose their middle range wines, the Catena Alta .  Limited production and still an affordable wine, we will be sampling their Mendoza Alta Cabernet Sauvignon and Mendoza Alta Malbec at the Gold and Silver levels.

The Bronze Level will sample the regular bottling of Catena Cabernet and Malbec, great values and always in demand.

The Alta wines will be around until the end of the year (hopefully) if you like (love them), call and we will refill your order.

Enjoy a toast to spring and summer....where it is just beginning in Argentina.

August 27, 2014

Justin Vineyards have received accolades for their wines over the past three decades years in Central California where they have been perfecting Bordeaux style wines since 1981. Rich in limestone, the soil of Paso Robles produces grapes with intense flavor and great structure, making it a perfect location for JUSTIN Vineyards & Winery.

This Month's Connoisseur Club Selection will offer several of their outstanding red wines. Their Signature Wine series includes Isosceles and Justification , rare wines with high international ratings.

At the Gold Level we are sending out the Justin Isosceles rated a 90 by Decanter Magazine, England's finest wine publication, Also the Gold members will received a bottle of the Justification, a predominately cabernet sauvignon blend.

At the Silver Level members will be receiving a bottle of the Justification and of the regular bottling of the Paso Robles Cabernet. The Justification just received 90 points and a Gold Medal at the International Wine Competition.

And the Bronze members will receive a bottle of the Paso Robles cabernet and the Justin Sauvignon Blanc, both outstanding wines for drinking this year !

Justin is a wonderful artisan winery where quality not total production is paramount.  In the end, sipping a glass of Justin red is reminiscent of sipping a glass of classified Bordeaux....and a third of the price !  cheers

Some end of Summer thoughts....
August 16, 2014

 Maybe not for Labor day...but perhaps.
How about trying something different ?
Lemony risotto and seared scallops sound great to me right now....its not quite as warm as it has been...some light comfort food, served outside in late August when there is just the hint of Fall in the air..and the Browns have Beaten the Steelers in a lopsided victory !

The risotto takes a bit of effort...about 1/2 hour of slow stirring...but, after that second (3rd?) glass of vino time is moving by effortlessly.
The recipe can be found at  
for the recipe......

for the searing....Alton Brown...

for the wine...shaker wines and spirits !!!  I would suggest a nice crisp fume blanc or Alsatian Riesling.  

Now dessert....???

Wine of the Day

Blending different varietals, different lots and even different vintages is an art as old as winemaking itself. In Bordeaux, the blending of the famous five - Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot, Cabernet Franc, Petit Verdot and Malbec - is a centuries old art. Each component is thought to add a level of complexity to the wine. Over the past 20 years, Nicolás and Laura Catena and their vineyard management team have worked tirelessly in the discovery, identification and development of key microclimates in the high altitude wine country of Mendoza, Argentina. Nicolás Catena has planted an almost countless number of varietals and clones throughout his mountain vineyard sites.This quest for quality led Nicolás and Laura Catena to a crucial discovery regarding the influence of altitude on grape cultivation in Mendoza. Observing the important differences in soil types, average temperatures and thermal amplitudes that exist at varying altitudes, he found that vineyard sites which are just a few kilometers apart can have vast differences in altitude and possess remarkably different microclimates. Starting with the 2001 vintage, our Catena and Catena Alta wines will reflect this new winemaking philosophy. They will be a blend of different microclimates and will carry the Mendoza appellation instead of a specific vineyard designation. The only exception will be the Catena Alta Chardonnay. We believe that at 4757 feet, the Adrianna Vineyard is today the best site for growing Chardonnay in Mendoza.To some, this change may sound counter-intuitive. Vineyard designated wines are often thought of as being of a higher rank. But in Mendoza, as in Bordeaux, we are convinced that this art of assemblage will bring you a much more delicious wine.

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