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Welcome to Shaker Square Beverages

Welcome to Ohio's oldest wine merchant, Shaker Square Beverages. Our website will give you an introduction to our stores... each unique, each offering a wide selection of wines, gift items and beverages.

Thank you for making Shaker Square Beverages Cleveland's Premier Wine Merchant... since 1937.

Latest News
March 27, 2014

SO  this must be spring.  Snow not remaining on the ground very long....some birds trying to irritate us at 7 am so it must be spring.
 This month A number of our customers are going to Paris for conferences, vacations, passing through visit the kids in Italy or Germany.  So how appropriate to spoil you with the best of the best of Burgundian reds and whites.

At the Gold Level you will be receiving a bottle of the Domaine Follin-Arbelet Aloxe Corton "Les Vercots"  OR  Domaine Follin-Arbelet Aloxe Corton "Clos du Chaptire". Both are produced on the small estate of Christine and Franck Follin-Arbelet, organically sustained vineyards, less than 3 acres, less than 1000 bottles.

Also each Gold Level will also receive a bottle Domaine Marc Morey Chassagne Montrachet Premier Cru .  This white Burgundy is to be savored with a special dish of white food, chicken, specialty fish, nothing overly complicated to confuse the palate,  This wine needs to be the star of the meal, so nothing too too spicy.

At the Bronze Level we are offering from the Maison Roche de Bellene a Bourgogne old vines white  and red, chardonnay and pinot noir.  They do not have the finesse of the estate bottled wines but are grea examples of the intensity of 65 year old vines.

As you wipe the snow from your windows to see blue skies and listen to the birds, relax with a glass of something special.  Any of our offerings this month will do the trick.

February 26, 2014

A rainbow of REDS tasting
Please join us on Monday March 24  and Tuesday March 25 for an introduction to great red wines.
The talk and tasting begins promptly at 7 pm at Shaker Wines and Spirits.
With Spring (?) almost upon us I thought some red wines would be in order.
But not the usual suspects.
It will be the ABC’s of red wines…ANYTHING BUT CABERNET.
I want to introduce you to some reds you may not have tried in the past….some from California, red blends, French, Italian and a German red !!!!
By the end of the evening I hope you will know and can tell the difference between a syrah, shiraz and a petit syrah. Or a cabernet franc and a chinon !!!!
If not you will have to take the class again, and again, and again, LIKE THE MOVIE    Groundhog Day.


January 29, 2014

I am getting too old for the reality that is our city in the winter.  Sub zero days and forget the nights!
A few have escaped to the southern climates..but even there it is cold cold cold.
So the child in me escapes, mentally, to warmer climates...namely Italy (next month perhaps New Zealand) and the pleasures of Tuscany are brought back with every glass.

This month's Connoisseur Selection is the best of all possible choices: wine to drink now and wine to lay down for a couple of years.  Altesino is one of the finest producers of Brunello di Montalcino and I have been waiting for these wines since the Fall.  They just arrived and are ready for release.

At the GOLD LEVEL you will receive a bottle of the 2008 Altesino Brunello, rated 92 in the Wine Spectator and a bottle of their Rosso di Altesino.  At the SILVER LEVEL members will receive just the Brunello, and at the BRONZE LEVEL a bottle of 2011 Rosso di ALtesino and a bottle of Rosso di Montalcino 2011.

As the famous line in the Godfather #1, Clemenza remarks after a "hit", drop the gun, grab the cannoli"  I will paraphrase: Cellar the Brunello, drink the Rosso di Montalcino !

Wine of the Day

The Domaine Follin-Arbelet  LES VERCOTS and Follin -Arbelet CLOS DU CHAPITRE are the two reds featured in this month's Connoisseur Club.  These two Premier Cru reds are delightful wines, especially for the American palate used to fruit forward Pinot Noirs.  These are totally organically farmed wines, , unfined and unfiltered. The vineyard designations reflect the miniscule amount produced: Les Vercots on 1.1 hectars, the Close du Chapitre .9 hectars, a hectar representing about 2 1/2 acres.  They produce about  750 cases per year of wine at Vercots, and about  300  cases for Chapitre. The Vineyard is owned by Franck and Christine Follin-Arbelet. Visit them at

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